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LILA project


ABD (SPA), Diotima Center (GRE), Payoke (BEL), ACRA (ITA)

About the brief.

We were asked to produce a series of videos to support a campaign on gender-based violence that encouraged people to take action by preventing, identifying and supporting victims.

We depicted 3 possible real life situations –a phone call between friends, a group chat and a private conversation via a social media platform. We used the latter to portrait a nowadays recurrent situation colloquially referred to as the "loverboy" pattern.

Since the campaign was running on different countries on the social media channels of each of the project partners, we were required to create versions in English, Greek, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Dutch. Voiceover recording was handled by Tripwire and the piece of music was specifically composed by Loïc Le Foll for the project.

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